Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Raspberries and Cream

In my obsession with Chambord, I wanted needed to try a creamy version of the deliciousness of my new found love. I was seeking the more delicate side. Not that Chambord isn't delicate as is...but adding cream to anything just makes it more so. In the presences of this sweet, innocent looking cocktail you'll feel young again as it is, in my opinion, the perfect dessert drink. But be careful, because it sneaks up ya. You're dealing with a wolf in sheep's clothing.

1/2  - 1 oz spiced rum (depending on your personal tolerance)
3/4 oz Chambord
3 oz Raspberry mix (2/3 cup pureed frozen raspberries mixed with 1 cup simple syrup)
2 oz heavy cream
Fresh raspberries to garnish

Combine and serve

Oh...and if you're mind is fast forwarding and you're wondering about Strawberries and Cream?'s just as good. Although I don't have strawberry liqueur...that's my next mission.


Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Oh my - the perfect dessert cocktail! Raspberries are my favourite fruit - this is definitely my drink!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi, I've never checked this blog site of yours.. Very nice... Seems like you like Chambord!!!! ha ..... Your Raspberries and Cream sound wonderful... I'd enjoy that on a hot, summer day!

Esme said...

This one sounds refreshing and delicious.