Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Cocktail for Your Sore Throat -The Moscow Mule

I think it might even be travelling through the internet, this cough and cold that seems to be flattening my friends, no matter where they live. Clearly this is no ordinary cold, and, as such, calls for drastic measures. For every occasion there is a cocktail, even the occasional sore throat.

My own other half, who sort of resembles this photo, I guess, has been suffering from a particular harsh cough. As I am a doctor.. of alcohol (what? it's a thing..) I prescribed ginger. And lime. Bubbles. And ice. Don't forget the vodka... A Moscow Mule!

Moscow Mule
2-3 oz. vodka
Juice of ½ lime
Real Jamaican ginger beer

Get yourself a tall glass. Squeeze in the lime juice, more if you think they need extra vitamin C, add ice, vodka, and top with real Jamaican ginger beer. Add bendy straws. Serve to your patient. That ought to shut them up for a while.
Might as well make yourself one while you're at it..
Take two and call me in the morning. 

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Kim said...

We have the same cough and cold here too. I'll take two and call you in the morning :)